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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


 Kids of all ages love a good hike outdoors—in the woods, across meadows, along a lake, or in the campground. There are many activities to help everyone connect better with nature. Stories about animals, plants, and wild places can be a big part of helping kids connect to nature.
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Monday, March 16, 2015

Frozen Lake is Going, Going, Gone. Bring on Spring...

There has been a lot of activity around the lake here at camp. The lake at camp has been frozen for a few months, but we have still had some fisherman and many geese, ducks, and a few cranes. As it begins to thaw and the animals fully return remember that it isn't safe to be out on the lake. Over the weekend it has thawed and will soon be even more active with spring almost here. Camp misses you and hopes to see you soon.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Winter Survival

Winter can be a difficult time for birds. The days are short, and nights are often cold and long. The natural food supply has been consumed or is hidden by snow. Most insects are dead or dormant. Water can be hard to find, and food needed to provide the energy to keep birds warm might be scarce. Finding shelter may not be easy. If there are limited natural evergreens or shelter, birds may seek man made houses or habitats that can provide refuge from the winds, rains, ice or snow of winter.
Providing high calorie and high fat foods can be important to the birds. The birds visiting winter feeders may be arriving in flocks or may come to the feeders as individuals, so you will need to provide different options for the birds. Feeders should be located out of the wind. The east or southeast side of a house or near a row of trees is ideal. It is best to have a perching spot such as a bush or tree for the birds to use to survey the feeding area and provide sufficient cover for safe refuge from predators and shelter from the wind and weather. The feeders should be positioned near cover but in the open to allow birds to watch for danger. For ground feeding, an area near cover with a clear view of the surroundings is desirable. Winter can be a great time to feed and enjoy the birds!
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